It’s Giveaway Time!

Three weeks ago over 8000 breast cancer warriors were devastated when our online support group was pulled out from under us.  We had forged friendships with each other while going through this battle for our lives.  The support we had been leaning on to get us from day to day was lost.

Luckily, Kristy acted quickly creating a new group called Breast Cancer Sisters, and shortly thereafter enlisted in my help to build our community back up from the ashes.  With help from other sisters, the word spread that we were back!  We managed to reach many of the members from the previous group and even more.  We are both delighted to see our once broken community has now reached over 1000 members!

To celebrate our accomplishment, we are working together with many crafters, companies, and authors to give back to all of you! They have graciously donated their products to brighten your day. Who’s ready for a giveaway?!  

Everyday for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting a giveaway that will be open for 24 hours.  We’ll be using the rafflecopter widget to randomly choose winners for each item.  Keep your eyes peeled in the group for the new blog post announcing the daily giveaway!  Our first giveaway will begin tomorrow, March 1st.

Pink Hugs,


Disclaimer:  All items and shipping are donated by US vendors.  Although we are opening the giveaway up to our members worldwide, we reserve the right to choose a different winner if shipping costs are too great. Please know we do not wish to exclude anyone, so please do participate.  We’ll do what we can to get the item to international winners.  We will be working in the future to bring you giveaway items from vendors worldwide.


14 thoughts on “It’s Giveaway Time!”

  1. This site is so uplifting and amazing with so many kind and wonderful people and this just brightens spirits even more,im so thankful for this site it has helped me so much since being added thank you


  2. This group is awesome! As I am newly diagnosed, 12/29/16, I wha searching for a safe place to ask questions, learn more and voice my concerns. My support system is great, however, they have not experienced this. So glad to have a network to lean on.


    1. This is Taylor. I’m in Arizona so it’s actually February for another 3 hours. I’m having technical difficulties with setting the time of the blog to Arizona time so it said it’s March already! Weird!


  3. This site is Awesome! I just joined a few days ago and I wish I’d known about it before, would have been a huge help over the past year 🙂


  4. Since today is my Anniversary for finding my lump in my right breast. Technically, it was February 29th, but since this isn’t a leap year…..I consider today my anniversary.
    If I had not given myself a breast exam there is no telling where I would be right now. My annual physical wasn’t scheduled till August of last year. This is why I and Steele and all my friends to give themselves their own rest exams at least once a month. Don’t ever be afraid to check your boobies!


  5. I am so grateful that you have created this community for so many of us with breast cancer in our lives to come together. As we share information and experiences, we understand each other and that gives us strength. Thank you.


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