Giveaway #5: $50 Gift Certificate to AnaOno Intimates

$50 Gift Certificate to AnaOno Intimates donated by founder, CEO, and fellow survivor, Dana Donofree.

Visit the company website at

Like AnaOno on Facebook HERE.  Follow on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

AnaOno is a lingerie and loungewear company that launched in 2014 with the mission to design specifically for those who’ve had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Our collections of bras, panties and apparel are created and constructed to meet their specific needs that are often not met by traditional lingerie brands. We differ from the larger market because we target what is needed to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. This includes wire-free designs, four-way stretch, hidden seams, gentle materials, pocketed and non-pocketed bras and cut and construction to avoid pain points.



2 thoughts on “Giveaway #5: $50 Gift Certificate to AnaOno Intimates”

  1. Hi, looked over your products and they look awesome. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction (twice). Have not even been sized for a bra yet. Thanks for doing the giveaway



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