Giveaway #7: Complete Gift Set from Post Op Solutions

Surgical Drain Pockets, Lanyard and Seat Belt Pillow Set donated by Post Op Solutions founder and fellow breast cancer survivor, Heidi Hennessey.

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Details about the items donated: Post Op Solutions surgical drain pockets, lanyard and seat belt pillow set is the perfect solution for post mastectomy or any kind of breast surgeries.

The pockets and lanyard are designed to hold the drains securely in place, providing ultimate comfort during the post-operative healing process. The pockets eliminate the need to pin drains to clothing while the lanyard is used to hold drains securely during shower or bath.

The seat belt pillow is a great way to protect the chest/surgical area during car rides. While this is NOT a safety device, it will give you soft padding and protection from direct contact with the seat belt.

• 2 Pockets
• 1 Belt
• 1 Lanyard
• 1 Seat Belt Pillow

POCKETS: The pockets are made of black cotton fabric and is worn under clothing like an undergarment keeping the drains secure around the waist and totally independent of clothing. Each pocket will hold 2 drains so both pockets can easily hold at 4 drains. There is a center divider inside of each pocket that is made of a fun printed fabric. Having two sections per pocket gives each drain its own space making them easier to manage. The overall pocket size is approximately 7″ wide x 6.5″ high while the actual pocket area is approximately 7″ wide x 4.75″ high.

BELT: The belt is used to hold the pockets and is made of black nylon belting with a side-clip buckle. Belt extends to 47” and is adjustable.

LANYARD: The lanyards is made of soft nylon and attaches with a metal clip and ring. There is also a metal bead used to adjust length. The drain loop simply slides onto the lanyard. The maximum hanging length is 23″.

SEAT BELT PILLOW: The pillow is made of black cotton fabric and attaches to the seatbelt with soft fleece fabric and Velcro. Pillow size is approximately 10” x 7”.

I am confident these products will be the perfect post-op solution to fulfill your needs during the critical healing process. It is my personal intent to share these products and its many benefits with others who are searching as I was for solutions to aid in their recovery.


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