Giveaway #11: The Brobe


The Brobe is donated by designer and founder Allison Schickel.

As an added bonus, Ms Allison is offering 15% off to our members with the code BCSISTERS15.  Visit their website here:

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The Recovery Brobe is the FIRST bra + Robe combination designed for post-operative wp-1490580011305.jpgbreast surgery. The unique design includes pockets inside the robe to hold post-op drains, 2 pockets on each side. It also comes with a detachable, wire free, front closure bra that has pockets inside the bra to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast(s). The Recovery Brobe can be worn with, or without the Bra – it’s detachable!


“A friend of mine underwent a double mastectomy and 3 reconstructive surgeries in 2010. She explained the difficulties of finding a post-operative garment that was functional and comfortable, not to mention feminine. After she showed me what the hospital provided her, I was appalled! I hated thinking of the mothers, sisters, daughters and friends wearing that garment during an otherwise traumatic time.

 After doing my research on what would make a successful recovery garment, I contacted a local seamstress who helped me design a pattern and create several prototypes. Prototypes in hand, I met with the Executive Director and Marketing Director of a local non profit, who introduced the garment to a woman recovering from a single mastectomy. After trying on the different options, she looked up at me, tears in her eyes and said, “This makes me very sad for all of the women who have not had this in the past. You have to make twp-1490580057124.jpghese garments!”

Today the Recovery Brobe features two pockets on either side to host post-operative fluid
drains. The detachable Recovery Bra, also sold separately, features inside pockets for ice packs and/or prosthetic breast. Its Velcro front-closure makes independent dressing easier and more comfortable. The robe’s ¾” sleeves allow for easy IV access during treatment and the fabric is durable, yet luxurious for comfortable wear. It has become the FIRST bra + robe combination designed for breast cancer recovery, made to be worn before, during and after recovery. We’ve also expanded our line of recovery accessories with the Shower Belt by Brobe as well as recovery bras.


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