Giveway #18: Zipport Shirt


Laura Buckman of Zipport Wear has donated a women’s pink or black Zipport Shirt.  Soft cotton blend t-shirt with the black plastic zipper on the specified side.

For every shirt purchased, one is donated to a child in need.

Visit the Zipport Website at

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Will was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015.  He hated having to take his shirt off for port access every time we went to the doctor.  I knew there had to be a better way.  A few weeks later, the Zipport shirt was born and it was a game changer in our journey.  Since then, we have sold hundreds of shirts like this to kids and adults who need them.  In the early stages of Zipport, I knew that I wanted it to be something that would help people.  Zipport is now a one-for-one company.  When you purchase a shirt from the website, you are also donating a shirt to a child in need, you are paying it forward and helping solve this problem for another family.